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RMTs are health care professionals, who use their knowledgeable and skilled hands-on approach to help with muscle pain, joint stiffness, stress reduction, and more. Our therapists are individually trained in a wide range of modalities, and each have an array of personal clinical experiences. We promote diversity among our RMTs, so each RMT might have a slightly different approach to care and can work with you to understand what is the best fit for your health goals. 

At relax., all our treatments are provided by registered massage therapists so you’re in good hands. 

Massage Therapy Treatment:

A treatment time with an RMT that is customized to your health and wellness needs. Every session includes a discussion about areas to be treated, pressure preferences, and additional health related information to ensure a safe, effective, and therapeutic treatment. Along with hands-on treatment, your RMT can provide you with stretches, exercises, or home care instructions to further your care beyond the table. 

Pregnancy Massage Treatment:

If you are pregnant, this treatment option includes the use of our pregnancy cushions that provide a space for your belly during the treatment. This will give you support and comfort while lying on your stomach. Your RMT can also position you on your side based on your pregnancy needs. 

Massage therapy for neck
Massage Therapy
Pregnancy Massage

Ashiatsu Massage Treatment:

This is very cool barefoot massage technique uses comfortably deep gliding pressure over your body. Bars overhead are used by the therapist during the massage session for balance and support. This is performed by an RMT and the same customized treatment approach is provided. 

Cupping Massage Treatment: 

A cupping treatment is a massage therapy session that uses cups to help with working the fascial layers of your body.  We use a modern suction-style of cup, placing the cups strategically on your body using mild suction, and we can leave them in place during treatment or move them around as a massage. This is sometimes known as dry cupping.

Cupping Massage

Hot Stone Massage Treatment:

Provided by an RMT, this treatment includes the use of basalt stones that have been heated. These stones apply a deep heat and pressure that can deepen relaxation and improve muscle discomfort.

TMJ Massage:

RMTs can provide relief for jaw and TMJ pain. A TMJ treatment is a treatment focused on these specific areas. The RMT will use gloved hands to work on any internal jaw structures. The face and scalp might also be integrated into this treatment based on your specific condition.

hot stones
Hot stone massage
TMJ Massage
acupuncture by an acupunturist

Acupuncture by an RMT:

RMTs who have received additional training can provide needling during a treatment. An acupuncture session provided by an RMT uses needles to assist in their massage therapy session. This treatment falls under the RMT scope of practice and can address the various musculoskeletal conditions RMTs treat.

Acupuncture by a Registered Acupuncturist:

At relax, we offer acupuncture from a registered acupuncture (R.Ac). Registered acupuncturists use traditional Chinese medicine perspectives to treat conditions that might not be able to be treated with massage, such as internal organ or emotional disharmonies. An R.Ac is a different profession than an RMT and are covered by some insurance companies.

Our team of skilled RMTs are ready to provide you with a customized massage experience that meets your unique needs and preferences. Book your treatment today.


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